New! Grace Kelly 2013 Calendar

Plus a Stunning Grace Kelly Art Print... Seriously Stunning

Grace – Grace Kelly - 2013 12-Month Calendar

Grace Kelly 2013 Calendar
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I always have a Golden Age of Hollywood type calendar each year. I have to admit, more times than not, it’s Audrey Hepburn or I Love Lucy. I’ve also had a couple of great James Dean calendars (See James Dean 2013 Calendars) too.

I’m actually in the middle of deciding which star I want on my 2013 calendar.  I’d actually like a star’s calendar I’ve never had before because (at the end of the year), I neatly cut out the photos for framing – or to pin my favorites on cork boards or refrigerators.  I’m beginning to think I have just about every Audrey, Lucy, and James photo ever taken!

The beautiful Grace Kelly calendar at the top is certainly a front runner.

I recently heard from the husband of a huge Grace Kelly fan.  He said he wanted to buy a few Grace Kelly Movie posters for his wife, who was (as he worded it) a “big, big, big, big Grace Kelly fan!”  I have created a page of Grace Kelly posters here on the website – just click the link to have a look.

One of my favorites (though they’re all ridiculously beautiful) is the one below. Think of the beauty and class it’d bring to a room!

Princess Grace

Princess Grace
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