Gorgeous Marilyn Monroe Glass Set

Beautiful Glasses Feature Marilyn Along with a Few of Her Best Quotes

Marilyn Monroe Drinking Glasses

I love absolutely everything about these Marilyn Monroe “White Dress/Quotes” Drinking Glasses! For one thing, they’re beautiful – what iced tea or Diet Coke wouldn’t be honored to call one of these beauties home?

Second of all… Marilyn! Those of us who are enchanted with the Golden Age of Hollywood love to surround ourselves with Audrey, Marilyn, James, Lucy, etc. These glasses are just another way to do just that.

I also love the extra cool detail of the colored bottoms – great way to keep from getting your glass confused with someone elses’.

Last of all, each glass features a great Marilyn Monroe quote – and anyone familiar with Marilyn Monroe quotes knows they’re always golden.

See Marilyn Monroe “White Dress/Quotes” Drinking Glasses for more information.

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