Television Facts: Including the 10 Most Watched Series Finales

I'm Shocked that a Few Fan Favorites Didn't Make the List

TV Facts: Most Watched Series Finales of All Time

Most Popular Season Finales

The infographic above shows the most watched series finales of all time.  Here’s a kick in the seat – the only two I saw were the Cosby Show finale (never missed a second of the Huxtable family’s antics) and the Magnum, P.I. series finale. Another series finale I was glued to was LOST – I’m surprised to see it isn’t in the top 10. I’m also surprised that Good Times isn’t on the list. Talk about a great season finale – whenever I see series end with depressing or wildly confusing finales, I always think of Good Times and the PERFECT way they wrapped it all up.

Fans want to see a happy ever after for characters they’ve come to love over the years!

Click on the series titles below to find seasons on dvd. Some (MASH and Seinfeld, for example) are packaged in some pretty clever ways.





Magnum, P.I.

Heeere’s Johnny – The Definitive DVD Collection from The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson (Temporarily out of stock – but if you place your order now, they’ll deliver it when it’s available.)

The Cosby Show

All in the Family

Family Ties

Home Improvement

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